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With over a decade of experience and involvement in labour litigation,  Local Government/Municipalities, employee relations, training and skills development, Wikus van Rensburg, an admitted senior attorney of the High Court of South Africa, is at the helm of the business that shares its expertise through services rendered.

The strengths brought to the practice and its services are attributed to him having obtained extensive experience in the legal field; and by practicing for his own account for over 9 years, specializing in labour/employee relations for past 12 years.

WIKUS VAN RENSBURG ATTORNEYS, under the guidance of Wikus van Rensburg, has also assisted various other small, medium and large companies, as well as various municipalities with the interpretation and application of the relevant labour and municipal legislation during its implementation processes, to ensure that both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law are embraced.

Our Vision & Mission


Provide a coherent and comprehensive service to our clients.  Further, to develop sound and healthy relations through mentorship with our broad based black empowerment enterprises and legal practices, based on excellence and continued support and improvement.


To deliver services that meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of the learners and clients that we serve.


The range of services offered by WIKUS VAN RENSBURG ATTORNEYS can be seen as support mechanisms and services that work in tandem with any business strategy and objectives.

The specialized focus of WIKUS VAN RENSBURG ATTORNEYS is labour/employee relations; education, training and skills development; human resources and advising on all labour legal matters, especially Local Government internal disciplinary proceedings.

Additional information: view our full list of services